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Grow Eyebrows Thick Naturally

The thick and perfectly shaped eyebrow is the highlight of the face, and if you have good eyebrows it makes your face look more attractive. But due to unawareness and…

Teenage Casual Makeup

When it comes to makeup, most teens often get stressed out at the thought of wearing makeup. That is to be expected – after all, this is an interesting phase…

Style & Makeup in Festive Season

It is the festive season with various festivals, and functions, round the corner. And it also happens to be the season for weddings, parties and get-togethers – there’s every reason…

Best 10 Remedies to Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Your smile is the beautiful thing that you can wear on your face. But, when you have dull and cracked lips, it can hamper your entire personality. Pigmented lips are…