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Style & Makeup in Festive Season

It is the festive season with various festivals, and functions, round the corner. And it also happens to be the season for weddings, parties and get-togethers – there’s every reason…

Easy Steps to Do Aromatherapy At Home

The concept of aromatherapy is one that has been around for thousands of years along with the knowledge of essential oils. The fact is that we have just rediscovered the…

To Remove Tan and To Get Glowing Skin Instantly

One of the perpetual beauty worries that both men and women seem to share in equal proportion these days, happens to be their obsession with fair complexion. The fact is…

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are something that looks really bad and it is what women don’t like at all. Dry and cracked heels seem unruly and untidy. Because of the absence of…