Whenever summer comes it’s the season for some exciting fruits such as Mangoes and Oranges, but there is another fruit that comes in sneakily which is watermelon. This may not be the most famous fruit, but its taste and nutrition are second to none of the other fruits. Although this savoury fruit comes around yearlong in summers it is the peak season for the fruit and considering its hydration value it seems like the perfect fruit. Only eating watermelon can keep your hunger and dehydration at bay during the scorching heat. Apart from their taste and nutrition watermelons are also great for your skin care regime. With its multiple nutritional benefits, you can enhance your beauty which is not only natural but long-lasting. Here are a few ways you can use watermelon to get the most beautiful skin:

  • Watermelon for skin care: Watermelons are loaded with an ample amount of Vitamin E which rejuvenates your skin. Eating a good amount of watermelon can significantly improve your skin glow and smoothness. Not only that, but some expert suggests using watermelons on sunburns and skin rashes, its cooling properties can heal your skin naturally. It is also known to cure redness and inflammation of your skin.
  • Watermelon for boosting collagen levels: Watermelons are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C which are very crucial in making new collagens. And thus, adding only a cup of watermelon to your daily diet can account for ¼th of your daily required Vitamin A levels. And boosting collagen is very crucial for your hair and skin.
  • Watermelon natural exfoliator: Bananas and papayas have been the most common exfoliators but watermelons can also be used to enhance your beauty by using it as scrubs. Watermelons are loaded with malic acid, which makes it a great scrub. Also, watermelons have loads of antioxidants and lycopene which can free your skin from dryness and roughness and make your skin smooth and shiny.
  • Watermelon soothes sunburns & rashes: Sunburns and rashes are very common during the summer and guess what so is watermelons. And do you think it is coincidence that watermelons have the ability to cure them, I think not. Watermelons are almost 93% just waters what better than cool water to cure sunburns and rashes than watermelon. Just grate few pieces of watermelon and apply the paste on the affected area leave it for a few minutes before washing off and it voila! Sunburns and rashes are taken care of due to its high content of beta-carotene and lycopene.
  • Watermelon & lemon juice for dry skin: As already told watermelons are mostly made up of water and it does not take a genius to figure out the connection between watermelons and cure for dry skin. Adding lemon juice to watermelon juice and apply.
  • Watermelon & raw milk for brighter skin: One thing people don’t like about summer is that it gives you the tan even when you are not looking for it. The heat in summer can dull your skin and make it look dark, but worry not its watermelon to the rescue. It’s been common for people of older age to suggest we use milk to get fair skin, but adding watermelon will make it a more potent tool. Watermelon is loaded with glutathione, which is known to do, you look for and when you add it to milk, fair skin is not that far away. Add a few watermelon pieces into a cup of milk and grind it well, then apply the paste on your face for 30 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water.
  • Watermelon fights wrinkles: Watermelon has so many good contents for your skin that it would be a shame if it does not work against the aging. Yes, you heard watermelons can indeed work against wrinkles and with the proper knowledge, you can use it anytime to get the younger-looking skin. As we have discussed watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A, C and Lycopene, these anti-oxidants can help you fight aging. Not only adding watermelon to your diet, but you also will need to apply watermelon directly to the places where you usually see the wrinkles. It might feel a bit sticky for some time, but if you can bear through it you can get wrinkle-free skin in a matter of weeks.
  • Watermelon guards against free radicals: Free radicals are the cell-damaging radicals, which cause your body to look old. And if you don’t give proper attention to the free radicals it can affect your lipid, protein, and DNA which in turn will invite many diseases. Watermelon, on the other hand, is filled with many free-radical fighting agents such as anti-oxidants. Their anti-oxidants can be your main tool to fight against free radicals and save you from many diseases.
  • Watermelon lip balm & scrub: Who does not want smooth and silky lips, which can be harder to get in some seasons? But as for many things, watermelons can come to your rescue for this one too. Watermelon has a good content of Vitamin C which can be very good for your lips as it can cope with canker sore thus giving you the perfect and smooth lips. You can make a watermelon paste without the seeds and apply it on your skin or directly buy the lip balms which use watermelon in its natural form.
  • Watermelon for treating hair loss & breakage: A perfect set of hair on one head is the dream for many people, but summers can be rough on your hair by making it dry and dizzy. But worry not watermelon is here for you. Its high content of Vitamin A and Iron makes your hair follicles stronger. And collagen, which is essential for your hair health is also promoted by a watermelon. So, adding watermelon to your diet is always a good idea for your hair.

Make sure to try watermelon for enhancing your beauty using the above ways. Just make sure not to overeat or overuse and watch out for allergies, otherwise, watermelon can be a boon for your skin and face.

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