Adapting a more nature-friendly lifestyle is the dream of many these days. It is healthier with fewer side effects. Makeup is a necessity for almost all women, but many feel it tough to remove it from the face fast and effectively. Everyone needs a makeup remover that can do the job quickly without leaving any ill effects. There are some trusted natural methods for makeup removal, but you will find coconut oil or baby oil stands at the top of the list. Here are some good tips for you about effective makeup removal with coconut oil or baby oil.

  • Know your skin: To maintain the softness and beauty of the skin, you should be aware of its type and features. Some skin types are not receptive to coconut oil or baby oil and may cause some side effects like a pimple break out. But it is suitable for most skin types lest you do not keep it on the face for long. So is the case with coconut oil or baby oil. Before finalizing the best method of makeup removal for you, do a little trial and decide only afterward.
  • Find a suitable brand: If the oil you are going to use is contaminated, it won’t work and may create more problems. So, the selection of a suitable brand of coconut oil is important. Virgin coconut oil is of course the best to use for makeup removal than other mixed types. Cold pressed virgin oil from a trusted brand will be a perfect fit. But if you can buy pure and fresh virgin coconut oil that will be perfect.
  • Use small amount: To apply oil on your face to remove the makeup, scoop a very small amount. If it is cold pressed, a pea size will do. If it is in liquid form, take a teaspoon full of oil. If the oil has hardened to solid form, rub a little amount in between your fingers till it turns into liquid form and make a light coating of oil on the fingertips.
  • Start from eyes: For applying the oil, close the eyes and start to apply the oil gently on the eyelids and lashes and the area around your eyes. There should be sufficient oil on the tip of your fingers to move easily on the skin. The eyeshadow and the concealer around the eyes will be removed without any effort after the application of the oil. But to remove mascara, open your eyes and apply a little oil directly to the lashes using the fingertip of your second finger. Coconut oil or baby oil won’t do any harm to the eyes. So, nothing to worry about in case a little is going into the eyes. You can wash it off easily.
  • Other parts of the face: After removing the makeup from the eyes, take the oil to the tip of the three central fingers of your hand and massage it into a circular manner all over the face. It is enough and more to remove the makeup from your face completely. Coconut oil or baby oil is powerful enough to remove even the heavily applied makeup in a moment.
  • Wipe off excess oil: After removing all the makeup from the face by massaging the coconut oil or baby oil on your face, using a wet and warm washcloth and gently wipes off the excess oil. If you feel the wiping is not enough, wash your face using a gentle face wash and warm water. Now you are all set and fully make up free. But if you can allow the oil to remain on the face for a little more time, it can reduce wrinkles, and add a little glow to your face.
  • Apply only with your fingers: When you are applying coconut oil or baby oil on the face, do not use any cotton ball or cloth to apply the oil. It will help to move around all the areas easily. But when you use cloth or cotton ball, it will absorb the oil and you may need some strong rubbing to remove the oil and that may damage your skin.
  • Use a cotton pad: If you are removing the makeup with coconut oil or baby oil, you should not use it as the coconut oil or baby oil. You need a cotton pad or cotton ball. Take the cotton pad or cotton ball and pour a few drops on it. Then gently rub the cotton over the eyelid, lashes, and the areas around the eyes. After removing the eye makeup, remove the excess baby oil using another cotton ball.
  • Rub face gently with cotton: To remove the makeup from the face, pour a few drops of baby oil on a cotton pad, and gently rub it all over your face to remove the makeup. If the makeup is not fully removed for the first time, repeat the process till your face is fully clean. Use a separate cotton pad or cotton ball for the lips. While rubbing your face with coconut oil or baby oil, try to be as gentle and soft to prevent any skin damage.
  • Finish with gentle cleanser: After using coconut oil or baby oil to remove the face makeup, you need to clean the face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. In that way you can ensure that your face is fully cleaned and there is no clogging of the pores to cause pimples or other types of damages to your face.

Keeping away from chemicals and stick on to natural products is the best way to protect the beauty of your skin. It may not be practical always with the makeup products we need to use. But one can be careful about the products used to break for value up removal. Coconut oil or baby oil is the best makeup removal, even for heavy stage makeup. Baby oil also is the best alternative for makeup removal. Make the right choice to value and protect the softness and beauty of your skin. Previous post Berries for Beauty Tips Next post Canola Oil for Hair Care and its Benefits 6 remedies