Beauty care is always a concern for women of all ages. Now many of them are seeking natural ways to take care of their skin, especially their face. Fruit facial is becoming a common ritual both in beauty parlours and in households as part of facial care. It is so simple and easy to do and good for your pocket. Fruits are rich in vitamins as well as antioxidants, and many incredible nutrients. They are part of your daily nourishment. Why can’t you use them also your skin nourishment? Here are some tips for you to make a successful fruit facial.

How to make a fruit facial: Fruit facial can be done successfully in your home in a few simple steps. They are briefly explained in the following section.

  • Cleansing: You can do the cleansing using cold raw milk. After thoroughly washing the face with fresh water, apply the milk on your face using a cotton ball, wait for a few minutes, and wash it off with fresh water.
  • Exfoliating: For doing this, grind some dried lemon peels and mix with water to form a paste. Apply this all over your face, but take care to avoid the area around the eyes. Do this in small circular movement of your fingers. It can remove the dead cells of the face. You can wash it off with water to complete the process.
  • Unclogging: Steaming is the best method for skin unclogging. Use a facial steamer to do this effectively.
  • Preparation: Now you need to prepare the fruit pack. Use ripe banana and honey for dry skin. For getting anti-aging results, papaya pulp and honey is best. For oily or combination skin type, berry and lemon juice pack are the best. For normal skin, any of these fruit combinations is enough.
  • Application: Apply the pack you prepared all over the face and neck. You need to massage the areas using the tips of your fingers using mild pressure. Take care only to upward strokes to prevent the skin from sagging. Massage for ten minutes and then wait for another ten minutes. Use cucumber pieces on the eye for a soothing result. Wash off with fresh water and pat dry your face.

Apply some rose water on your face toning the skin after the facial. It is always better to repeat the fruit facial biweekly for better results.

Benefits of fruit facial: Fruit facial has many amazing benefits and it is a less expensive and uncomplicated processed that always provide good results. Here you can see the top ten benefits of fruit facials.

  • Skin lightening: Fruits are rich with enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants. The enzymes of the fruits can lighten the marks on the skin and can boost the glow of the face. Papaya is one of the best fruit with blemish clearing properties. Regular fruit facial will provide you with a lighter skin tone free from acne and melasma.
  • Skin brightening: Fruits can brighten your skin and increase its glow. The rejuvenating properties of the fruits can brighten the skin revitalizing the facial cells. The only thing needed is to select the perfect combination of fruits according to the properties of your skin. In that way, you can expect better results.
  • Skin revival: When you feel the need for skin revival, no need to go to the beauty parlor always. You have all the ingredients in your kitchen to achieve it. Fruit therapy is the best technique for skin revival as it can improve the blood circulation. It can improve the production of new cells. So, with a fruit facial, you will get a fresher and younger skin.
  • Moisturizing: Fruits have moisturizing properties. The right combination of fruits applied on the skin can turn a dry and dull skin vibrant and glowing. The enzymes present in the fruits is responsible for its moisturizing properties. So, regular fruit facial can give you supple and soft skin by nourishing and nurturing it.
  • Tan removal: A good fruit facial can remove tan marks from your face. It is a good treatment for athletes and persons who spend more time in the sun. A good fruit facial can remove your summer tan easily. So, no more worries about tan removal. One or two good fruit facials can do the job brilliantly.
  • Exfoliating: Fruit facials are instrumental for exfoliating the skin with the natural exfoliating agents present in different fruits. When you rub your skin with fruit pulp, it can gently remove the top layer of skin along with the trapped impurities in it and leave behind beautiful skin.
  • Deep cleansing: The stubborn pores of the skin can get unclogged by the application of a fruit facial. The deep cleansing features of fruit facial is beneficial for reducing acne, pimples, and whiteheads.
  • Improves blood circulation: A good facial with fruits can improve the blood circulation in the face. It can promote the rate of cell renewal and make the skin young and glowing.
  • Removing blackheads: The extracts of different fruits present in the fruit facial can be the remedy for various types of skin problems. Fruit facial is an approved remedy for the removal of blackheads from the face.
  • Anti-ageing: Fruits are the best ingredients in nature’s spa. They are part of our daily diet. But if you can develop a routine beauty care that includes a regular fruit facial with suitable fruits matching to your skin type, you can reduce the number of beauty parlor visits.

Fruit facial is the safe way to exfoliate, brighten and lighten your skin. It can remove tan marks as well as blackheads or whiteheads from your face. Find the suitable fruit combination that is working well for your skin and make fruit facials every two weeks as part of your life. Fruit facial on the skin can ensure the result of the application of any good anti-ageing agent on your skin. The rich nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants present in the skin are instrumental in the anti-ageing effects of fruits. Previous post Coconut as Beauty Care Next post Watermelon Beauty Tips