Berries are often small, pulpy and delicious fruit that is enjoyed by many people around the world. They are not only savoury, but are full of nutritional values. Their benefits are reaped by eating as well as using them in beauty products because apart from being tasty fruits they are loaded with ingredients that are vital for beauty products. Here are a few ways berries can be used for enhancing your beauty:

  • Berries for anti-aging: One of the greatest advantages of consuming berries is its anti-aging properties. Yes, berries are a great source of Anthocyanins, which is the component proven very effective to prevent aging effects on your skin. This component is not only known for its immaculate anti-aging properties but it helps in improving your mood as well. Consume 3 to 4 berries every day in the morning on an empty stomach and that’s it you are all set for reaping the anti-aging benefits of berries.
  • Berries for anti-oxidants: Anti-oxidants are the components that protect your body from free radicals and thus improving your overall health. One of the many great things about berries is that it has an abundance of anti-oxidants. Thus, eating a good number of berries daily can significantly reduce your cell damage which is done by free radicals. Consume more blueberries and strawberries with your breakfast every day and let its anti-oxidants do the wonders for your body. Consume this daily and say goodbye to your wrinkles.
  • Berries for colour: Berries are now very difficult to get the natural colour in the market right now. The markets are filled with artificial colours that can have harmful chemicals which in turn have adverse effects on your body. But berries can solve your problem with ease because they contain natural colour which you can easily use for food items you want to colour or any other purpose which you may find a fit. Squeeze out the pulp in the berries and let it dry and now grind it to get the perfect colour.
  • Berries for face masks: Everyone wants to look at their best at any given time and to do that, we need a good face mask that can suck out the pollutants and dirt from your skin and give you the perfect skin. Well, our multi-purpose berries will never disappoint you in that regard. You can use berries into your mask its cleansing properties will add power to your face mask and you will be surprised by the result. And it’s also very simple to use as well, all you have to do is add few freshly cut strawberries or blueberries into your face mask as a paste. Now smash them thoroughly so that it mixes well with your face mask paste and apply it quickly onto your skin.
  • Berries for facial: Similar to face mask berries can also be used in facials as its nutrients will give vitality and elasticity to your skin. Also, vitamin A and vitamin C in blueberries are very good for your skin as it will help you find against dark circles and wrinkles. If you prefer to use facial which is available in the market make sure to look out for the berries in the contents in natural form. And if you favor making your facial at home, you don’t need to do much just add the blueberries or raspberry pulp into the mix and you are good to go.
  • Berries for glowing skin: Now that we know all types of berries to be it blueberries or strawberries or mulberry or raspberry, they are well stuffed with many vital nutrients that are essential for your skin to look great. Vitamin A, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, Fiber or vitamin K each of these nutrients is very crucial in making your skin glow. Consuming berries in good proportion can positively affect the glow of the skin.
  • Berries for hair health: Berries is no secret that the berries are a superior source of many vital nutrients which is good for overall health and wellness for your body and hair is no exception. Many of the nutrients which berries have been good for your hair and follicle health, for instance, vitamin C and vitamin A are critical in hair health, while vitamin K found in some berries can promote hair growth. And using the berries for hair health is not difficult also apart from adding berries into your diet try to make the paste of crushed berries and apply it on your head. Leave the mixture for an hour and then wash off with lukewarm water. This shall increase your hair health as well as work as a natural conditioner for your hair.
  • Berries for moisturizer: Berries can be very frustrating that our skin gets dry and rough during winter and we have to look out for good moisturizer which will not harm your skin. Well, all beneficial berries can come very handy under these circumstances. Berries can prove to be a great moisturizer, just applying the berry pulp on your skin for a few minutes and then washing it off can do wonders to keep your skin moisture locked.
  • Berries for skin treatment: Considering the multiple benefits of berries for skin, it should be no surprise that the berries are used in various skin treatments. Many of the doctors and dermatologists use berries for multiple skin treatments and considering the effect it can be very well predicted that it will be used in many more in the coming future. Many cosmetic companies are now getting attracted to using berries in their products to great effect and the trend is not going to reduce anytime soon. Make sure to buy the skin products which have berries in its natural form to be effective.

As we can see the benefits of berries are way too much to ignore. In modern times where lifestyles and pollution can have a heavy toll on overall human health and skin conditions, the berries can provide a much-needed relief from those problems. Just be cautious not to overuse the fruit and you can also get benefited from this mouth savouring fruit. Previous post Watermelon Beauty Tips Next post Remove Face Makeup with Coconut Oil (Baby Oil)