Coconut is the most popular and utilized fruit in the tropical regions, it is being grown in abundance for almost 4,500 years. But in recent times coconut has gained popularity in all regions due to its multiple uses. Coconut is used extensively for beauty, culinary, health and medical purposes. Coconut is considered to be a true all-rounder plant with its fruit and tree used for many uses. Its fruit can be used for raw eating as well as adding flavor and taste to the food. Coconut water is known to have multiple health benefits as it is loaded with nutrients. Coconut water is not only very tasty, but also is refreshing hence it can replace many artificial soft drinks. Coconut oil is also one of the main highlights for coconut plants as they can be used for beauty as well as culinary purposes. Coconut oil is composed of many nutrients, nourishing fatty acids and vitamin E which can be very beneficial for your hair and skin. Also consuming coconut oil is proven to have multiple health benefits over traditional oils.

  • Coconut oil for hair: Your hair, scalp needs proper care and nourishment to grow properly. Coconut oil is considered to be a boon for hair as it removes the sebum built up on your scalp and provides proper nourishment to your follicles. Coconut oil is packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids for your hair, which provides good care to your hair and helps it grow thicker and longer. Massaging coconut oil regularly has been linked to assisting in growing lost hair. Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and warm it up a bit, then apply the oil on your scalp and massage for 10 minutes. Leave the oil overnight and wash it off with a mild shampoo in the morning.
  • Coconut oil for skin: Not only hair but your skin can also utilize the benefits of nutrient-packed coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial and moisturizer hence it can keep your skin healthy and glowing if used regularly. The lauric acid a hair, butnd vitamin E present in coconut oil can keep your skin smooth and clean. Coconut oil is also known to have many anti-oxidants which, when applied to your skin can keep it young and wrinkle-free. Just take some extra virgin coconut oil in your palm and massage it slowly on your face and keep it for some time before washing off.
  • Coconut oil for food: Coconut oil not only provides health benefits when used on hair or skin, but also if you use coconut oil in your food. Adding coconut oil in your food can enhance its taste and reduce cholesterol from your body. Coconut oil is loaded with good fatty acids and vitamins which are very good for your overall health.
  • Coconut oil as an Exfoliator: Coconut is known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and hence using coconut oil before washing your face with a face wash can prove to very effective Exfoliator.
  • Coconut oil for lips: Lips are a very sensitive and delicate part of our body and hence it is very important to take good care of them. In winter lips may face dehydration and coconut oil can be used to preserve the hydration on the lips, in addition to that being loaded with vitamin E coconut oil can provide you with smooth and lovely lips.
  • Use cosmetics having coconut: Much cosmetic use natural ingredients to protect you from any side effect of chemicals on your sensitive skin. You can try using products that are packed with coconut oil to give you natural skincare. Using a night cream having coconut can be very helpful in keeping your skin glowing and smooth. Also, prefer a moisturizer coconut in it coconut is known to be a natural moisturizer.
  • Eating raw coconut: Coconut mainly consists of important fats that are essential for your body growth. Also, the coconut is known to contain protein, dietary fiber, and vitamin B, hence having coconut regularly in your diet can increase your immunity and provide you with essential minerals. Raw coconut can be eaten directly without even washing it as it is well protected from outside dirt. You can add crushed coconut to any of your dishes to enhance its taste and health quotient. Many of the dishes having coconut can be found online to try out.
  • Coconut water for the skin: As coconut water is loaded with many healthy nutrients it can keep your body hydrated as well as healthy. Coconut water may have antioxidant properties that keep your skin young and glowing. Having coconut water once or twice a week is known to be very effective for skin. Coconut water is also beneficial for keeping your blood sugar level in check. Some experts have also suggested that coconut water can help fight heart diseases as it is laden with many healthy nutrients.
  • Coconut milk for skin: Not only coconut oil, but coconut milk can also be very useful and effective for your skin care regime. Coconut milk is packed with Vitamin C in abundance which is a well-known nutrient to keep your skin young and glowing. Applying some raw coconut milk on your skin in the morning before the shower is proven to give you whiter looking and smooth skin.
  • Coconut mask: Making the masks out of coconut milk can be very effective in removing the extra dirt and pollutants from your skin. Just use the mask which is having coconut products in it.

Here are a few ways you can use coconut for your beauty, use all the methods and let us know if you find it effective for you. Previous post Pamper your Skin this Spring Season with Some Ultimate Skincare Tips Next post Fruit Facial