Killer eyelashes have always been fashion trends amongst beauty icons. Highlighted and accentuated eyelashes are not difficult to achieve. Anyone can dream of having that killer eyelash look. Your eyelashes can highlight your overall looks. Adding fake eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to achieve that killer looks, but there are many other natural options. Unless you already have overgrown eyelashes, you may need to look around for more natural ways to make them appear fuller naturally. Some, such effective ways to achieve long and fuller eyelashes naturally are mentioned here below in this content.

  • Lash primer:

Girls who are used to facial makeup are already aware of lash primer. This is applied to the eyelash before you wear your foundation makeup. Primer can act at the best base to offer thick looks to your eyelashes. It helps Volumizies them instantly and is considered a natural way to achieve good looking eyelashes. The moment you are using lash primer, you can also wear mascara for long-lasting looks. It is natural to select a good quality lash primer that can make your eyelash look volumetric.

  • Eyelash conditioner:

If you shampoo your hair very often, then you are also used to conditioning them after shampoo. The same can be done to your eyelashes as well. Conditioning will help you achieve better results instantly. The process is also speedy and can be performed on your own. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your eyelashes remain hydrated for hours, even when out in the sun. This technique helps add excess volume to your eyelashes instantly. The best part is that conditioning can be done at any time. You just have to ensure you select the right grade conditioner for your eyelashes, as they are precious possessions.

  • Lash curling technique:

Women who often wear makeup are aware of the lash curler. These are devices that are time tested and effective. The simple tool can help your eyelashes look longer and thicker. The tool is highly recommended by many beauticians. The tool will highlight your natural eyelashes without any artificial means. To use a lash curler, you need to practice a few times on your own. If you are used to visiting the salon very often, then you can request your salon expert to help you out. To achieve that natural looks, the right pressure should be applied to the tool. A perfect sharp bent will help add volume to the eyelashes.

  • Mascara formula:

One of the easiest ways to achieve volumetric and long eyelashes is to regularly use mascara. The liquid is all-natural and usually made up of skin-friendly ingredients. You can also search around for the right colour and shade that blends in perfectly with your natural eyelashes. When searching, you will come across hundreds of colours and shades from top brands. You should select one that is highly recommended and natural. Mascaras are the best Volumizing formulation to thicken your eyelashes.

  • Try different colours:

In general, girls usually prefer natural black or brown shade when selecting mascara. This may offer good results, but it is never wrong to try out other shades as well. Dark colours can offer distinct looks to your eyelashes and they will be noticeable. For flattering looks, you can try out unusual shades like Gold or Purple. You just need to keep in mind that to look good, you may have to walk an extra mile and experiment.

  • Tight-lines:

If you don’t have long eyelashes, then you can fake it as having one. The natural colour of the eyelashes can be extended by using artificial eyeliner. This is one way where you may not have to experiment with your eyelashes. You can use eyeliner of the same colour and use it as an extension for your eyelashes. This procedure is called tight-lining. The moment you select eyeliner, you need to assure that it is smudge-proof and water-resistant. This will ensure that you can wear it for a longer time. You can create an illusion effect by styling the surrounding regions near the eyelashes.

  • Lash tinting:

If you have natural red or blond hair colour, then you can try this technique. Brunettes often prefer wearing natural black eyelashes. The technique can be tried out by experts and so you need to approach your salon expert. Quality cream is used to help create distinct layers on the eyelashes. This technique is effective and helps achieve that long and volumetric look for your eyelashes.

  • Perms:

Another non-invasive method is to try out natural eyelash perm techniques. In general, this cannot be worked out on your own and so always seek assistance from a trained professional. The routine is not expensive, but requires a lot of perfection. If not done perfectly, then it can also damage the remaining eyelashes. Salons often make use of molds made up of silicon material to perm eyelashes. The results are long-lasting and best.

  • Growth serum:

If you want to avoid all that hectic of visiting a salon or using eyeliners, then you can also opt for a growth serum. This works naturally over some time and you get to grow natural looking eyelashes. Always ensure that you only make use of serum that has been approved by the FDA. Making random choices can damage your eyes permanently. Go through a prescription before you make your selection.

  • Eye extensions:

This is a method that is widely accepted by many women, who don’t have natural looking eyelashes. Artificial lash hair can be added to your already existing eyelashes. It has to be performed by experts in the beauty salon only. All methods mentioned above are natural and help in achieving good looking eyelashes instantly. Each method is non-surgical and safe to use by anyone.

Note: Always opt for methods that are non-surgical and effective. Your eyelashes can get damaged permanently if you select the wrong methods to achieve that fuller long look. Previous post Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin Next post Lakmé Lipsticks Review