Eyebrow makeup has an important role to highlight your looks and enhancing your beauty. It is crucial to highlight the facial structure. So, you need to give it the proper attention it deserves and consider eyebrow makeup serious. Doing the eyebrow makeup according to the shape of your face is vital. Here is a short guideline for you to decide the eyebrow shape according to the face shape.

  • Heart-shaped face – rounded eyebrows
  • Square shaped face – softly rounded eyebrows
  • Rectangular face – slightly curved eyebrows
  • Round face – arched brows
  • Oval shaped face – soft angled brows
  • Long faces – straight brows
  • Diamond-shaped face – curved brows

Whatever be the shape of your face and the shape of your brows, here are some good tips for you to do the makeup of your rows perfectly. Read through it and pick up the tips that will be appropriate for you.

1.           Not end to end movement, but flicking motions are vital:

Are you in a habit of drawing the eyebrows with a brow pencil or any other product with an end to end movement? It tends to stick the brow hairs together and flatten them. Instead, use some flicking movements of your hand to do the eyebrow makeup and move from one end to another along the direction of the hair growth. It can provide you with a beautiful and highlighted brow.

2.           Maintain the real tail of the eyebrows:

Over elongated eyebrow, the tail will pronounce its artificiality. You should be careful when highlighting the tail end of the brows. Overly long eyebrow tail may create a sad look on your face. The natural end of the eyebrow tail is the place where the straight line from the nostril over the side of the eye meets the brow bone. Mark the spot. If your brow is not meeting the spot, you can draw the brow up to that point but never beyond it. In that way, you can maintain a natural and lovely brow.

3.           Be careful about the arch:

Pointy arches are suitable for certain face shapes. Learn the way to find the natural arch point of your brow using the method of diagonal measuring using a pencil over the center of your eye against the nostril. After finding the correct point of the arch using a suitable eyebrow brush, brush the brows downward and create a subtle peek at the position you spot and marked earlier. Fluff the brow hairs to maintain the natural look.

4.           Tone the harsh lines:

Toning the harsh lines of the brow is important. To do this, map the shape of your brow with the help of a pencil. Forgetting to make it look natural is not advisable. So, you should give proper care to make a natural shape by small, little, thin strokes. It is applicable whatever you use to shape the brow such as pencil, brush and brow powder, mascara, or other similar materials.

5.           Shaping the brows is important:

It is not about threading or similar methods to shape the brow, but, only about maintaining the shape while doing the makeup. You can give a good structure to your face when doing brow makeup. With a little shaping using tweezers here and there, and a few clever strokes of the eyebrow pencil or brush, you can shape the brows beautifully.

6.           Cover the spare spots:

If you over plucked your brows and that left the brows with some sparse spots, it is essential to fill up them. Filling them with brow powder and an angled brush or a pencil will be wonderful. Then you can groom the brows with a suitable mascara to complete the look.

7.           Use concealer below your brows:

If you are in the habit of using a highlighter below the brows, try out concealer. A highlighter below the brows is helpful to avoid the extra measure of attention on your brows. A concealer that is one shade lighter than the skin colour is the best one. It can brighten up your brow area and give a feeling of perfect finishing.

8.           Start with a light application:

If you use an eyebrow pencil or brush and powder eyebrow makeup, start with light and tiny strokes instead of strong and sure strokes or lines. Build your brows with simple and tiny strokes. If you create and dark and natural look, it will be wonderful. In the bald spot along the brow, strong strokes may need. All other areas try the light application method and check frequently for the effect. In that way, you can avoid overdoing or over highlighting.

9.           Begin from the center of your brow:

When you do brow makeup, it is always good to start from the center part instead of one end. In that way, you can check the intensity of the application and correct it on the rest of the parts. If you work on your arches, start at the arch and move towards the bridge of the nose. When you move from the center to the end, the look will be more realistic. Use the same product on all parts of the brow, but with unequal intensities according to the thickness of the area.

10.        Do the perfect blending in:

Blending in provides the effect of natural quality to the brow arches. A spoolie brush is a perfect tool to do the blending. Take care to do the blending in all the areas around the eyebrow to provide a perfect look.

Eyebrow makeup can be done easily when you are sure about the perfect style matching your face shape. Once you are sure about the shape of the eyebrow, practice the flawless way to attain that shape and maintain it fast. It will help you to achieve the look you prefer in a few minutes and can appear with an impeccably styled eyebrow. The perfect choice of brush, eyebrow powder or pencil and whatever you need to accomplish the look you prefer, keep them in your makeup kit. Practice doing the eyebrow make-up when you are free and have the perfect eyebrows always.

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