Hair for a woman is considered to be the greatest glory. Every woman, no matter what her age, looks forward to having the type of hair that dignifies her. The hair is the main part of the beauty of any lady. So, retaining that beauty becomes imperative and for that, the ladies will have to work really hard. However, hair loss or fall can occur in women of any age. No matter, how careful you are, you are bound to suffer from hair loss. So, in such cases, you need to understand the main causes of hair fall that can affect your beauty.

Causes of hair fall: There can be several causes for hair loss but some of them are described here.

  • Deficiencies: The food choices in the modern age have become a major concern for many people around the globe. The fast life has forced the people to work to order food and that has created a major gap in the nutritional values for the person. So, if you have deficiencies in zinc, proteins, copper and iron, then you are bound to lose more hair. Moreover, making up the required quantity of Vitamin D can help in regaining your hair growth.
  • Hormonal problems: Ladies have to suffer from a lot of hormonal changes and that would imply a great deal of hair loss. There can be other problems such as DHT conversion, thyroid issues and PCOS which are responsible for hair loss. These problems usually occur after a certain age, but the person needs to provide a solution for it.
  • Pills: The females have to take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, these pills are often defined as not very effective. Moreover, it can be said that the pills can harm the regular functioning of the body. So, the birth control pills will harm the growth of hair and that can result in major hair loss problems.
  • Hair products: The new product advertisement often lures the women into buying them. However, the new product might not work for every person. The constant change of the products might harm hair growth. The hair volume gets affected to a greater extent and the person will have to make sure that use steady products. So, if the products are changed, then it can result in hair loss.
  • Medical condition & stress: Stress has become a major part of the routine of many females. Every person uses different logic to handle stress, but that can affect their mind adversely. Moreover, people often suffer from medical conditions that can harm the functions of the body. The medicines can show side effects and the person can suffer from other major issues. Thus, these problems can lead to major hair loss issues for any person.

However, all these issues can be resolved, if the person tries to concentrate more on self-improvement. If they are not getting enough time, then they can try and use different home remedies that can solve the problem for them. Home remedies will have many benefits over conventional products. Firstly, they would not show any side effects and will show benefits in very less time. There would be no allergies from natural products and that can help the person in improving their hair to a greater extent.

Home remedies to control hair fall: Some of the most common and effective hair fall techniques are mentioned here. These techniques can help the person in improving their overall hair growth along with preventing hair loss.

  • Eggs: Eggs are rich in proteins and they also contain some amount of sulphur, zinc, selenium & phosphorous. These items in the egg will help in improving hair growth. You can make a paste of egg, olive oil and honey and apply it to the hair from root to tip. You can wash it with a mild shampoo after leaving it for 20 minutes. This will help in improving the overall shine as well as the growth of hair.
  • Coconut milk: The main source of rich hair is protein. So, all the products that contain protein will help in improving the quality of the hair. You can use coconut milk as it is rich in protein. You will have to grate coconut and simmer for five minutes and extract the milk by straining it. Add black pepper and fenugreek seeds to the coconut milk and apply it on the scalp for 20 minutes. After rinsing with a mild shampoo, you will be able to see the glow on your hair along with a reduction in hair loss.
  • Beetroot juice: Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C, B6 & potassium. It even helps in increasing the hemoglobin quantity in the body. The best way to use it would be to mix Beetroot leaves & henna leaves to make a paste. You can use the paste on the scalp & wash it after 20 minutes to get the best results.
  • Green tea: The antioxidants in green tea can prevent hair loss and increase hair volume. Green tea has many benefits even if you drink it. However, applying green tea on the scalp will boost overall hair growth. Leave it for an hour on the scalp before washing to get the best results.
  • Yoghurt: You will have to make a paste of yoghurt, honey & lemon and apply it on the roots as well as the tips of the hair. Yoghurt & lemon will remove the dryness of the scalp & honey will provide moisture. So, it will clean the scalp in such a way that it can promote the well-being of the hair for a longer time.

Thus, the above-stated tips will help in improving hair growth naturally without applying any harmful chemicals. However, you will have to work on the main reasons that are causing the hair loss. If you are keeping an eye on your diet then it will help in improving the overall strength and growth of the hair. Previous post Rice Flour Face Mask for Skin Whitening Next post Natural Hair Smoothing Tips