Glowing skin is the symbol of beauty and health. It is not so easy to have glowing skin at every moment of the day. It cannot be accomplished as fast as shown in advertisements. But you can have clear and glowing skin with some little tricks, more practice, and moderate perseverance. Here are some beauty hacks for you to test for maintaining your skin clear, smooth, and glowing.

  • Steam massage:

Facial steam, massage is a traditional proven method for glowing skin. You can do this easily at home. Steam your face using a facial steamer, or the steam from the shower for five minutes to get all the pores open. Then massage your face using your fingertips. Start from the forehead and then move to your cheekbones and cheeks and move towards your jawbone. This massage can increase the blood circulation of the face and can give a dewy complexion. You can finish the massage with an oil cleanser.

  • Exfoliation:

The exfoliation can be done easily using a washcloth dipped in warm water. Using the washcloth, massage your face employing only upward circular movements. For better effect, you need to do it daily. A mere three minutes of your shower time every day can give you an ever-glowing face, even after sixty or seventy years of age.

  • Charcoal face masks:

The charcoal face mask is a commonly used beauty hack in South Korea. Charcoal can detox and exfoliate facial skin. There are many excellent products are available in the market to do this. It would be good if you allow the mask to remain on your face for at least 15 minutes. Remove the mask carefully and apply a moisturizer for better effect.

  • Facial essence:

Facial essences have the power to seal the cleansing effects on your skin. This tip from the Korean beauty palette is powerful and simple. Facial essence is a mild solution filled with skin nutrients. It can hydrate the skin. An essence is applied after you finish the cleansing process. After applying the essence, use a serum. You can finish with your moisturizer to provide hydration and elasticity to your skin.

  • Enhance lip colour:

The best way to do this is by bringing out the natural flush of the lips. When you enhance the natural colour of the lips, the overall facial complexion appears young and fresh. When you select lip balms, select the ones that can bring out the specific chemistry of your lips.

  • Use lip oil:

Lip oil is enriched with many nutrients to soften your lips and make them more beautiful. Butter is the best thing you can find to apply lip oil. It is non-sticky and can bring out the natural colour of your lips and will repair all damages. A mixture of Camelia oil with avocado and Rosehip oil also will work. Or, you can find out your special mixture of oils to attain this effect.

  • Facial mask at night:

According to beauty experts, when you wear a face mask during the night, your skin cells will be revitalized and provide a complete skin recovery. Use a high-moisturizer along with one of the best facial masks available in the beauty market for night application. It would be good if you select the mask according to your skin type and the level of tiredness you can feel on your skin. It can remove, long-lasting wear and tear from the skin.

  • Drink barley tea:

Barley tea drinking habit is another beauty hack that we can adopt from the Korean beauty tips. The anti-oxidant rich formula of barley tea can fortify your skin and provide you with more energy and vitality. It is also good for the improvement of metabolism and blood purification. It is also one of the recommended weight loss drinks.

  • Mouth stretches:

Mouth stretches are powerful enough to improve facial blood circulation and brighten skin tone. Exaggeratedly pronouncing the vowels easily works as facial stretches. Do it many times when you are working on the computer or at any other time. Since it does not need any extra time, practising it won’t hurt. So, go and test it out yourself.

  • Adapt blurring strategy:

This little trick consists of using some smart products covering facial blemishes. Air cushion foundation type products work well to attain this effect. With it, you can blur the area where you have the blemishes. You can use a single coat to get the ultra-sheer effect or apply heavily to cover all but appear natural and blemish-less.

  • Micro-current treatment:

This is an easy method to revitalize your skin and provide it with the glowing look it deserves. There are instruments available in the market like the ZIP device that can pass a small number of electric currents to your skin. A maximum of ten minutes of this treatment can leave your face glowing and nurtured.

  • Keep head down:

Hanging the head upside down for a few minutes daily can give you glowing skin. You can do it effortlessly by bending down. Bend down from the waist, keep your head down and count up to two hundred in your head. For some beauty experts, it is the best way to bring out the inner glow.

  • Use facial mask regularly:

Use a facial mask two-three times a week. Use a natural mask prepared by yourself or the one from the market, that is suitable for you. Facial masks can repair damaged skin, clear blemishes, and bring out the natural beauty of your skin.

  • Beauty palette with vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for maintaining skin health. Eating citrus fruits, applying their combinations as a facial mask, etc., will work for maintaining the energy and glow of your skin. There are many Vitamin C rich products in the market. Serums that are enriched with Vitamin C are highly effective.

  • Ice treatment:

Give a few ice treatments to your face now and then. It is highly endorsed after a long trip. Run ice cubes over your face till that become water. It can provide your pores with a little shake and close them. Better to do this after thorough cleansing.

Glowing skin is a symbol of beauty and health. It reflects on your face. The most natural tip for getting glowing skin all over is the coconut oil treatment. Apply virgin coconut oil from head to toe over your body. Wait for thirty minutes, then wash well using some mild and natural soap to protect the effect. If you can do it once in a week, age will become afraid to touch you with its damages. Previous post Longer and Fuller Eyelashes Next post Natural Remedies and Tips for Eyelashes