The best time to go out is definitely during the winter and if you have cracked heels it can be embarrassing. But it’s only natural for our heels to get cracked up during winter unless we take proper care of them. Don’t worry we have got you covered with 15 brilliantly simple and effective remedies to take care of your heels this winter. Just follow these steps and be ready to flaunt your smooth and soft heels. Here are the 15 remedies to take care of heels this winter.

Petroleum jelly to take care of heels

Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is a very simple yet effective method to get rid of those stubborn cracks on the heels. Petroleum jelly is known to create a protective layer before your skin and thus making it easy for your body to heal the pores. Applying petroleum jelly regularly can be very helpful for not only your heel but also other parts of your body. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly at the night and wash it off in the morning to see the magic.

02211202 2 GLYCERINE
Glycerine to take care of heels

Glycerine: Another effective and readily available product for taking care of those precious heels in the winter. Glycerine is proven to be very effective in aiding the healing process of your cracked heels. Just apply a spoonful of glycerine mixed with rosewater and lemon juice at night and cover it with a clean pair of socks. In the morning clean it up with lukewarm water and within a couple of weeks, you should be able to feel the difference.

02211202 3 OIL FEET
Oil your feet to take care of heels

Oil your feet: It is very common among our elderly to regularly oil your feet at night and with good reason, oiling is very effective in keeping the cracks on our heels in check. Applying coconut oil or Jojoba oil during the night and massaging it for a few minutes should do the job. Don’t forget to clean it up in the morning and wear a pair of socks during the night to prevent oil from staining the bedsheets.

02211202 4 MOISTURIZER
Moisturizer to take care of heels

Moisturizer: One of the main reasons for our heels to be cracked is that the moisture is lost during winter and it causes dryness of the skin. But using a good moisturizer to take care of the skin around heels is a very effective method to get rid of those cracks. It will lock the moisture around our heels and make sure it’s not dried out in harsh winters.

Moisturize after bath to take care of heels

Moisturize after bath: Using moisturizer throughout the day will surely help but applying it immediately after the bath, on damp feet is the most effective way of using the moisturizer. It helps in preventing the heels when they are mostly clean and vulnerable to dust.

02211202 6 PUMICE STONE
Pumice stone to take care of heels

Pumice stone: The scrub or loofah is not very hard to take care of our tough skin on heels, hence a pumice stone should be used. It removes the dirt and cleanses your feet to make them softer. Use pumice stone every day in winter for getting the smooth skin you always wanted for your feet.

02211202 7 FOOT CREAM
Foot cream to take care of heels

Foot cream: You should also go for mild exfoliating cream for your feet, these creams are specially made to get rid of the dead skin cells on your feet. Select the cream, which has lactic acid or glycolic acid for the effective solution to the cracked heel problem. Apply the cream at night and wash it off in the morning after keeping it overnight.

02211202 8 COTTON SOCKS
Cotton socks to take care of heels

Cotton socks: It is very common to use woollen socks during winter but the rubbing of wool against your skin can cause irritation and removal of natural skin tissue. Hence, during winter, try to use soft cotton socks as much as possible, as they are very good for your skin. Try to keep the pair clean and dry and also wash them properly from time to time.

Slippers at home to take care of heels

Slippers at home: One of the greatest comforts of home is that we can be bare feet and in comfy clothes. But being bare feet can cause our feet to catch dirt faster and thereby lose out on the softness, so grab a clean and comfortable pair of slippers and wear it whenever you are at home.

Shoes with good fitting to take care of heels

Shoes with good fitting: While choosing the shoes to wear always go for the ones which fit well, loosely fit shoes can cause your feet to rub against the sole. It will cause hard calluses on your heels. So wear shoes that fit perfectly when going out and you are planning to wear them for a long time.

02211202 11 HEEL WRAP
Heel wrap to take care of heels

Heel wrap: Another simple yet effective way to protect your heels during winter is to wear heel wrap. Even after wearing slippers dust can affect your heels so it’s suggested to use heel wrap to take care of your heels.

02211202 12 ALOE VERA
Aloe vera to take care of heels

Aloe vera: Always I repeat always go for a natural solution to any skin problem, they may be slower to show results but they are best in the long run. Aloe Vera is said to be a boon for your skin and using aloe vera gel at the night can do wonders for your skin. Just apply some aloe vera gel at night and wash it off in the morning.

02211202 13 HONEY
Honey to take care of heels

Honey: Honey is proven to have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and using it as a protective cover during the night can have a significant impact on the softness of your heels.

02211202 14 BAKING SODA
Baking soda to take care of heels

Baking soda: Baking soda is a very common exfoliator and is used to remove unwanted dust from your skin. Soak your feet with baking soda and water mixture for some time as it will remove the dirt from your feet and give you nice and soft heels.

02211202 15 SALT WARM WATER
Salt & warm water to take care of heels

Salt & warm water: Perhaps the easiest method to get rid of those unwanted cracks is yet the most effective one. Warm-up a bucket that is full of water and mix around 100 grams of salt keep your feet in the mixture for half an hour. Wash your feet with normal water after that and apply some petroleum gel to see the maximum effect.

Use the above remedies to get those soft and smooth heels you always wanted.

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