Concealer is like magic sticks for many beauty experts and for anyone who knows some clever tips to use them effectively. It is useful for all skin types and skin tones. A concealer can downplay many types of blemishes on the face such as discolouration, puffiness, redness, melasma, tan, etc. If used appropriately, it can give you a wonderful glow. A concealer is helpful to hide the imperfections and can work as a highlighter also when you need a little more shining for some areas of the face. Here are some good beauty hacks one can do with a concealer to practice and attain a perfect look.

  • Correcting discolouration:

Concealers can hide the discolourations on the face. A yellow concealer can hide the redness around your nose or mouth and neutralize yellow bruises on your face. With a pink or blue concealer, you can cover under eye dark circles, minor bruises, and dark spots. A green concealer can neutralize a pimple on the face. Once you used the different coloured concealers to cover the blemishes, use your skin toned concealer to blend in to maintain a natural look.

  • Dab concealer:

The way you apply the concealer on your face matters. Never rub it on your face, instead dab and pat it gently into the skin. When you try to rub the concealer, it may smear makeup and may reach an area of your face where you do not need any concealer.

  • The combination works better:

It is always good to use your concealer other products. When you combine concealer with face lotion, it can create a wonderful and coloured moisturizer effective in providing light coverage for the blemishes while maintaining the skin hydrated. Use the trick of using a liquid concealer with a proper highlighter to get a silky skin look that can reflect light.

  • Prepare with primer:

It is always good to start your makeup with a primer. It will make the surface of the skin smooth so that you can easily apply concealer to it.

  • Foundation first:

Foundation should be applied before the concealer. After the application of the foundation, you will get a clear picture of the areas where you need the concealer. It can also reduce the amount of concealer needed to be used.

  • Little visual illusion:

For creating a visual illusion with clever makeup, you need to draw a downward triangle below your eye. Then blend it with soft dabs to get the desired effect with covered dark circles and a lifted face. It can provide all the focus of your eye and provide an unblemished look.

  • Eyeshadow primer:

Concealer will make a wonderful substitute for your eyeshadow primer. It will save you time and trouble along with the money for matching eyeshadow primers. When you use concealer instead of eyeshadow primer, a better look can be obtained because of the uniformity ensured by the concealer.

  • Blotting:

It is better if you use soft tissues to blot concealer after applying it around the eyes. By doing that, you can avoid the caked-on look due to the excess amount of concealer.

  • Hiding mistakes:

There is no better solution to clear makeup mistakes than other concealers, especially if you are in a hurry. A liquid type concealer applied with an angled brush will make a fantastic cat-eye makeup perfecting tool.

  • Highlight:

Concealers can be used to highlight facial features. For this, you need to use a concealer a little (one shade is better) lighter than your natural skin tone. Accentuate your lips by drawing a line along the outside of the lips with a fine-tip brush. Then blend it gently using your fingertips and apply lipstick over it. With this trick, you can make your lips highlighted and prevent the lipstick from spreading. You can even use the same trick to highlight your brows.

  • Hide nose redness:

It is not so easy to hide the redness around the nose and you feel may the need more often in winter. When you blot a concealer around the nose and apply foundation powder over it, the redness can be covered brilliantly. This trick comes in handy when you have oily skin.

  • Eyeshadow edges:

Concealer can be used in the finishing part of your makeup to neaten the edges of the eyeshadow. In doing this, apply concealer underneath the eyes. Outspread it by drawing a line from the external bend of the eye up to the tail end of the eyebrow. This trick can lift your eye as well as neaten up the edges. If you apply the concealer from the inward crook of the eye up to the start of your brow, it will enlarge and enhance the eyes.

  • Slimmer nose:

Concealer can be used to achieve a slimmer looking nose. For realizing this trick, you need a concealer that is about two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply it on both sides of your nose to highlight it. By doing so, your nose will appear slimmer. Don’t forget to apply a setting powder to fix it there to maintain the look.

  • Cake makeup:

There is no better remedy than a concealer to fix cake makeup. At the end of your makeup if you felt that it is a cake, don’t freak out and wash it off. As many makeup experts suggest, just press and blend the concealer smooth it. Learn the proper way to do it and it will help you to be confident even in a bad situation.

  • Finishing:

If you earn full coverage finishing of your facial makeup, you can either use a mixture of concealer and foundation or concealer mixed with one or two drops of moisturizer. If you need a glow finish, mix a drop of a good glow enhancing cream with your concealer.

If you have more wonderful tricks with concealers, share them here so that everyone will be benefitted from your make-up expertise!

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