Pedicure is one of the necessary parts of our splendour routine for our feet. Just like we take care of our face, arms and different physique parts, our feet additionally want caring and pampering as soon as in a while. Our foot has to go through a lot on each day’s foundation like walking, standing and carrying our physique weight. It is the most used part of our body. But most unnoticed as well due to which we care it the least. So to get beautiful feet, we need to do regular pedicures. Regular pedicure is vital to preserving healthful and stunning feet. However, we can’t constantly go to salons for pedicures. Sometimes we are crunched for time, or probably we experience laziness after a busy week. Do It Yourself pedicures are perfect if you are precise about the usage of herbal substances to pamper yourself. Homemade pedicures enable you to use nourishing beverages for soaking your feet. Pedicures can be performed effortlessly on domestic and some easy ingredients, like milk, which is generally available in our house. Milk, honey and different elements make extremely good soaking, quick and easy. Milk has a tremendous amount of benefits. Milk lightens up your skin by promoting the shedding of pigmented skin cells and removing dead skin. You can use milk for reducing tan, dark spots and dark patches. Milk helps in repairing cracked heels by exfoliating the dead skin. It also eliminates the dryness of the skin on your heels. It is cost-friendly and effortless to acquire. Milk helps to soften, smoothen and nourish the skin. Also, it has lactic acid, which exfoliates dry, lifeless pores and skin cells and brightens our feet. Milk now not solely moisturizes your feet, however, additionally exfoliates them. Tea tree oil relaxes your toes to an exquisite extent. Sea salt works wonders on aching feet and reduces aches. Sugar is an effective exfoliate as well. Salons provide several kinds of pedicures. They use a variety of lotions and different kinds of stuff to eliminate useless pores and skin cells. However, these lotions frequently comprise paraben and different chemical substances which can be damaging to our pores and skin in the long run. It is expensive also. The great gain of doing a pedicure at domestic is that you can use herbs and natural elements without any side effects; hence, your pores and skin are secure from poisonous ingredients. An essential section of a pedicure is to make the foot soak. Feet want to be soaked nicely so they are handy to work with. The foot soak must be made from proper ingredients that will soften the feet, nourish them and assist to exfoliate useless pores and skin cells. While you are doing pedicures at home, you have the whole freedom to make this foot soak the usage of herbal components like the milk finest nourishment for your feet. Milk contains lactic acid, which improves skin texture, reduces scarring and controls oiliness. They say dairy and pores and skin do not mix, and whilst it’s genuine that consuming dairy merchandise can lead to pimple breakouts for some people, soaking your pores and skin in milk is an extraordinary pore and skincare secret that leaves it soft, supple and significantly hydrated. That’s why a milk foot bathtub is a luxurious deal, you’ll be satisfied you spoiled yourself and make your feet beautiful and soft. And in this way, you can take care of your feet without spending much and also can save time.

How to do a milk pedicure?

Method 1

Ingredients for Method 1:

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Milk pedicure for your feet
  • Milk: 3 cups
  • Water: 5 litres
  • Lemon: 1 piece
  • Sea Salt: 1 tablespoon
  • Tea tree oil: ½ teaspoon
  • White Sugar: 1 cup
  • Brown Sugar: ½ cup

Steps to follow Method 1:

  • Take a bathtub and fill it with 5 litres of lukewarm water
  • Soak your toes for 10 minutes in it
  • Now add the milk, sea salt and tea tree oil to the bathtub. Mix collectively and then soak your foot there for another 20 minutes
  • Now add white sugar and brown sugar and add some lemon juice to it
  • Exfoliate your foot with this sugar scrub and gently rub your foot
  • Again soak your toes for 10 minutes
  • Take out our foot and dry it
  • File your toenails by the filer
  • Apply cuticle cream to the pores and skin around your nails to soften the cuticles. Push the cuticles again with the use of a cuticle pusher
  • Wash your foot with lukewarm water and dry your foot with a towel
  • Apply moisturizer
  • Apply nail polish

Method 2

Ingredients for Method 2:

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Milk pedicure for your feet
  • Milk: 4 cups
  • Baking soda: 2 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil: 1 teaspoon

Steps to follow Method 2

  • Gently heat the milk
  • Pour the milk into your foot basin
  • Add a few drops of coconut oil
  • Put your foot in the hot milk mixture
  • The magic of the milk foot soak takes place whilst you relax, lactic acid in the milk starts to enter through tough, dry foot pores and skin whilst the creamy houses in the dairy product furnish vitamins and moisture
  • After you’ve soaked your feet for about 15 minutes, gently rub a beneficent handful of baking soda on every foot
  • Baking soda is a super herbal exfoliation that helps to remove hard patches of foot skin
  • After scrubbing again put your feet in the milky water and soak for another 5 minutes
  • Afterwards, rinse your foot with hot water and pat them dry with a towel
  • Apply soft foot cream
  • The lactic acid in milk performs as a miracle for dry, flaky feet
  • Apply nail paint or do any nail art

Method 3

Ingredients for Method 3:

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Milk pedicure for your feet
  • Milk: ½ cup
  • Oats: 5 tablespoons
  • Coconut Oil: 5 tablespoons

Steps to follow Method 3:

  • Take a tub and fill it half with lukewarm water
  • Clean your feet with lukewarm water
  • After that change the water
  • Now pour the milk into the lukewarm water
  • Add oats and soak your feet in the water for 20 minutes
  • After that, take out your feet from the water and scrub gently with coconut oil for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Dry and pat your feet with a towel
  • Now apply any moisturizer or soft cream that you often use
  • Apply nail paints if you want

Apply these methods to provide your feet with natural and homemade treatment and get soft and beautiful feet. Do it regularly and feel the difference.

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