When it comes to makeup, most teens often get stressed out at the thought of wearing makeup. That is to be expected, after all, this is an interesting phase in their lives. If you happen to get stressed then you need to read the rest of the content for invaluable tips and suggestions on wearing the same.

02211118 1 CLEANSER
A cleanser for teenagers’ casual makeup

Cleanser: Adolescence is generally the apt time for you to adopt a good skin regimen. And that’s all the more reason why you should cleanse your face often.  It is essential that you wash your face regularly and apply a good cleanser as well. This should keep your skin blemish-free and perfect for applying the required makeup. If you have oily skin or acne, then you may want to go for cleansers that are specific to your skin tones, such as cleansers with salicylic acid, and more.

02211118 2 MOISTURIZE
Moisturize for teenagers’ casual makeup

Moisturize: Once you have cleaned your skin pores, you need to apply a good moisturizer. Just dab a little amount and massage it in and around your face. When your skin is hydrated, your makeup stays up longer. Make sure that you use the appropriate moisturizer for your skin tone.

02211118 3 BB CREAM
BB cream for teenagers’ casual makeup

BB cream: You may also want to try out a little foundation cream; just take a small amount and apply it to your forehead, cheeks, nose and jaw. Now, massage it in using a beauty blender and you should be able to remove the sharp edges and in the process, have a natural look. It goes without saying that you need to use a foundation cream that matches your skin tone.

02211118 4 CONCEALER
Concealer for teenagers’ casual makeup

Concealer: If you happen to have dark circles around your eyes, then you need to make sure that you apply the concealer right over where the blemishes happen to be located. You must not massage it in but just apply the same gently. Use a beauty blender so that it blends right in and covers the blemish in question. And when it comes to the dark circle under your eyes, use a yellow-toned concealer for the same.

02211118 5 POWDER
Powder for teenagers’ casual makeup

Powder: When it comes to powder, use a makeup brush. Make sure that you apply the requisite amount of powder to the oily areas of your face, namely your forehead, nose, lower jaw, and chin. Apply the powder right after the concealer so that it sets in perfectly. Remember to check your results and confirm that you have applied the powder equally to other areas of your face as well.

02211118 6 EYEBROW
Eyebrow for teenagers’ casual makeup

Eyebrow: Chances are that you may be sporting somewhat thick brushes, but you can always trim them down to the right thickness. Just head to a spa and they should be able to do wonders. But if you are planning to tackle it on your own, then you need a brow brush. Now, comb your eyebrows and get the brow to look uniform. If you have thinning eyebrows or patchy ones, you can always use a brown colour eyebrow pencil and fill it in. Remove any harsh lines and concentrate on the “fullness” of your brow. Now, your eyebrows should look perfect.

02211118 7 EYE SHADOW
Eye shadow for teenagers’ casual makeup

Eye shadow: For everyday use, you may want to go for a neutral tone eye shadow such as peach or even beige. Just apply it in, and you may also want to use a primer so that the eye shadow stays on for longer periods. Apply the eye shadow to the centre of your eyelids and blend them in.

02211118 8 EYELINER
Eyeliner for teenagers’ casual makeup

Eyeliner: If you want well-defined eyes, then you may want to use eyeliner for your eyes. Just use black or brown eyeliner and draw the line just above your eyelashes. This should help to set up your eyes and make them pop. Of course, if you are going for a casual look, you may just want to use the eyeliner lightly. Remember, not to apply the eyeliner too close to the waterline, as this can cause your eyes to water up. Moreover, you may want to stick eyeliner pencils for now and stay away from liquid ones. Since you are just learning how to apply makeup.

02211118 9 MASCARA
Mascara for teenagers’ casual makeup

Mascara: Generally, it is not advisable for teens to sport mascara since most of them tend to overdo it. Just remember that you are a teenager and your body is still developing, including your lashes. If you are still keen to apply the mascara, just brush your lashes with black or brown mascara powder. Place the brush on the outer lashes and gently coat them, with mascara and lightly. This should help complement your casual look. However, if you want to go in for a more dramatic appearance, you may want to use the same for the inner lashes as well as the bottom. Make sure that you keep an eye out for any clumping and you can always use your brush to help reset it. As for the colour choice, if you have black hair, then you need to go for black mascara. And if you happen to be blond or have red hair, then go ahead with brown mascara.

02211118 10 BLUSH
Blush for teenagers’ casual makeup

Blush: Just use a light blush on your cheeks to define your cheekbones. A light blush is enough, and do not go all the way up to the cheekbones.

02211118 11 LIPSTICK
Lipstick for teenagers’ casual makeup

Lipstick: You may want appropriately coloured lipstick or you can even stick to lip gloss. And if your lips happen to be dry or chapped, then use lip balm first before applying the lipstick. That’s it; you should now stand out for the right reasons.

These tips should enable you to enhance your looks and get the attention you were looking for. Remember, that you are bound to make a few mistakes early on but as you get more experienced in wearing makeup, you should be able to figure out what makes you look great.

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