It is the festive season with various festivals, and functions, around the corner. And it also happens to be the season for weddings, parties and get-togethers. There’s every reason that you would want to look good and turn heads. And that is all the more reason that you should check out some styling tips and suggestions posted below, as they are bound to make you stand out for the right reasons.

02211108 1 GLITTER GLAM
Glitter glam in the festive season

Glitter glam: This particular styling is bound to make you stand out; it primarily consists of using glitter eyeliner. You need to use a shade that’s complementary to your hair and skin tone. Something that you can carry off with style. You can use glitter eye makeup and experiment with various styles and shapes which should make your eyes pop.

02211108 2 BLACK TRACK
Black track in the festive season

Black track: This is a classic makeup style, but one that’s suited more for those whose skin colour tends to be a little fair. It primarily consists of using black eyeliner and sharper red lipstick. The contrast should go perfectly with any hairstyle, and this look is bound to turn heads.

02211108 3 HIGHLIGHT
The Highlights of the festive season

Highlights: When it comes to using highlights, you need to make sure that you use them sparingly on your cheekbones as well as your eyes. Use a complimentary highlight shade to go with the rest of your makeup and sculpt your face gently. It should help provide you with a glorious look and one that makes you look more attractive.

Cherry candy lips in the festive season

Cherry candy lips: There are various types of lipsticks that you can try out. This particular style calls for a liquid, cherry red lipstick shade that should add both depth and tone to your lips. You can heighten the effect by adding loose glitter to your lips just after adding the lipstick. Do not overdo it. Just a light coating of glitter should add to the new look.

02211108 5 METALLICA
Metallica in the festive season

Metallica: If you love to experiment with new styles and new products, then you definitely have to check this out. It primarily consists of using charcoal black eyeliners and pairing them with new Metallica shades. The overall effect is nothing short of impressive, as it helps you to create bold and new looks. You should be able to try out various shades until you find one that complements your face and the rest of the makeup as well.

Minimalist nails in the festive season

Minimalist nails: Minimalist styles are the latest trends when it comes to makeup styling; it primarily consists of wearing little to no makeup, with a few tasteful touches. For example, minimalist nails are all about clear nails with a few touches of glitter at one end to make them stand out. One thing’s for sure, by sporting minimalist makeup, you would be sure to stand out from the rest of the ladies, sporting heavy makeup.

02211108 7 SUNRISE EYES
Sunrise eyes in the festive season

Sunrise eyes: If you want to sport an arresting look, then you may have to co-opt this one. It primarily consists of using golden orange eye shadow on your eyes. Do not use any eyeliners, just use mascara and gently paint your eyes golden orange. The sunrise look should lend your face a new hue and help make you look more attractive, in the process.

Cocoa-toned lips in the festive season

Cocoa-toned lips: If you happen to sport a slightly dark complexion, then this look should be just perfect and in sync with your skin tone and complexion. Just use dark, cocoa-toned red lipstick which should pair up well with dark-toned eyes and with black eyeliner. It should give you a ‘semi-vampy’ look and should certainly help you look different. Incidentally, you can pair this shade with most dresses, except for those with light pastel shades.

Glitter eyelids in the festive season

Glitter eyelids: If you are planning to attend a festival or a party, then you may want to experiment with glitter pigments and go in for a slightly bolder look. The makeup is essentially minimalist, so other than lipstick and some highlights to your cheeks; you would not be donning much. And when it comes to your eyes, you can use some glitter-based pigment and draw it across your eyelids and extend it all the way out. This should certainly help complement your eyes and the rest of your look.

Gold-flecked eyelids in the festive season

Gold-flecked eyelids: If you are sporting light makeup, then you may want to go for this look. It primarily consists of neutral makeup or wearing a minimalist one. Now, using a golden colour, glitter eyeliner, just shade the top lashes and extend it to your tear ducts in the form of a ‘V’. It should certainly help make you look attractive.

02211108 11 RED
Red in the festive season

Red: When it comes to standing out in a crowd, there is nothing more effective than wearing red lipstick, along with red highlights for the cheeks as well as the eyes, which would naturally be framed with black eyeliner. You can sport this look for any party or festivities and you can pair this makeup with any dress as well.

02211108 12 CRANBERRY LIPS
Cranberry lips in the festive season

Cranberry lips: When it comes to sporting the right eye shadow to the right lipstick, you may find it hard to choose the right ones to wear for the function. But you can never go wrong with cranberry lips along with silver eye shadow. This should certainly help make you look more arresting. Now, all you need is dark-toned eyeliner and some highlights to those cheeks to set it off perfectly.

These are some of the makeup style tips and suggestions that you can try out for any festive occasion. The tips contained here have all been tested and validated and they should certainly help make you look even more beautiful than usual. Just follow the tips posted here and the styling tips should go with most dresses and hairstyles. Check them out today and take the first step towards looking glamorous.

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