• Fri. May 27th, 2022

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Smoky Eye Makeup for Party

When it comes to smoky eye makeup, you should know that it can be donned on, in under a few minutes. And that it is perfect for any type of eyes and moreover, you should be able to sport on the smoky eye makeup with ease, for any occasion – from parties to formal dinners. You should be able to apply it with minimal work and there are various types of ‘smoky eye’ look that you can go for. Just check out some of the trending smoky eye looks, and try them out.

  • Plum smoky eye:
Plum smoky eye

This is an easy makeup style to try out, especially if you happen to be in a hurry. Just clean up your face, and apply the basic foundation and the rest of the makeup. Now, take a light/dark plum coloured eye shadow and apply the same to your lids. Now, use a little grey for the edges and then, apply mascara and black eyeliner for the perfect look.

  • Brown smoky eye:
Brown smoky eye

Again, clean up your face and apply the basic makeup; after which, take a light/dark brown eyeshadow (depends on your body colouring) and apply the same to your eyelids. You may also want to use charcoal black mascara for additional effect. You may also want to use a little green eyeliner around the tear ducts for more ‘finesse. The overall look should be perfect and the smoky eye makeup for brown eyes is one that you can use for any occasion.

  • Dramatic eye:
Dramatic eye

If you want to make an appearance, you can always go for a dramatic look. Just clean your face and apply the basic makeup – after which, use grey eye shadow on your lids and complement the same with black mascara. It should certainly get you a fair share of attention. You can use this to complement your eyes perfectly – in fact, this particular look, the smoky eye makeup for blue eyes or hazel eyes should just be what you need to stand out.

  • Smoky eyes:
Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are the perfect look to wear for any occasion and one of the reasons why it is so popular among the ladies happens to be the fact that you can don one in minutes. You need to choose the perfect eye shadow and one that goes well with your skin colour. First, apply the primer, and then coat your lids with the eye shadow so that it stays on. And of course, finish off the look with mascara and even eyeliner for added effect as well.

  • Neutral matte smoky eye:
Neutral matte smoky eye

If you love the smoky eye look but want something less intense, then you may want to go for a neutral smoky eye look.  You can check out the smoky eye makeup tutorial and instead of using a dark eye shadow with a primer, you may want to apply one that is neutral in tone and close to your own skin tone. And then, use mascara lightly, and apply it to the tips of your lashes for that ‘soft look’. This should help you achieve the perfect neutral matte smoky eye look – one that you can use daily, without much hassle. Check it out and you can even tweak the basic look as per your preference.

  • Black & white smoky eye:
Black & white smoky eye

The black and white smoky look happens to be trendy and popular for the simple reason that it is quite easy to apply. All you need to do is to apply a gradient of light grey that trends towards charcoal black – when it comes to the eye shadow. And of course, apply the primer first so that your eye shadow stays on and does not get smudged. The black and white smoky eye look is perfect for most occasions, from formal dinners to parties.

  • Black smoky eye:
Black smoky eye

If you want that intense look, then you may want to go in for the black smoky eye makeup. Let’s say that you are into the ‘Goth’ look, in which case, this look would be perfect. All you need to do is to apply light grey to charcoal black eye shadow and complement it with heavy mascara to make your eyes pop. And you can further complement the smouldering look with pink lips. This is the perfect look, especially for parties and even casual dinners – just make sure that you apply the primer first.

  • Burgundy smoky eye:
Burgundy smoky eye

First, clean your face, and after you apply the required moisturizer, you may want to apply a primer to your lids. After which, you can apply burgundy red eye shadow and even use a little glitter for your lids. You can then complement it with mascara and make your eyes pop.

  • Teal smoky eyes:
Teal smoky eyes

This look is a little harder to carry off unless you have the skin tone for the same. And as before, clean your face and apply the primer so that your eye shadow does not get smudged. Then apply teal with a little grey around the lashes, and then set it off with charcoal grey mascara. It should blend perfectly and make your eyes stand out for the right reasons. You can also use pink lips along with pink blush on the cheeks to complement this look.

  • Grey smoky eye:
Grey smoky eye

Clean your face, pat it dry and then apply the primer to your lids. Then apply a gradient of eye shadows starting with light grey to charcoal black, and complement the same with good quality mascara – but make sure that you apply the mascara lightly around the edges of your lashes.

  • Neutral brown smoky eye:
Neutral brown smoky eye

You can also go in for a neutral brown look, especially if you happen to have a light brown to brown skin tone. Clean your face and apply the primer; after that, you can apply light brown eye shadow and even give your lashes a light coating of mascara for the perfect smoky look.

These are some of the smoky eye makeup ideas and styles that you would want to try out. Just remember that while there are various products that claim to be waterproof, it is always a good idea to stick with the regular ones. One of the reasons is that waterproof eye shadow can be a little hard to clean up at the end of the day.