Chances are that you got your last manicure done at the local salon. And it must have been slightly expensive the good news is that you can now cut back on this expense and get the manicure done in the comforts of your own home. Here’re a few steps that you need to review carefully, for that perfect hand manicure.

02211011 1 GETTING READY
Getting ready for perfect hand manicures

Getting ready: The first thing that you need to do is to get all the items you need, ready. You must make sure that you have got your nail clipper, nail polish remover, cotton pads, cuticle pusher and nipper, hand moisturizer, nail buffer etc. Just make sure that you have got all the required tools ready, also you may want to wash and remove all the dirt and grime from your fingernails.

Remove nail polish for perfect hand manicures

Remove nail polish: Use nail polish remover to remove traces of old nail polish from your nails. You may want to use a non-acetone-based nail polish remover as it does not dry out the skin around your cuticles. You can use acetone-based nail polish removers, but these will dry out the skin in and around your cuticles. But they can also be fast-active and can help remove all traces of the old nail polish faster.

02211011 3 CLIP THEM
Clip them for perfect hand manicures

Clip them: Now using a nail clipper, clip those nails. But remember not to cut them too short, but cut them to the right height and then using a nail filer, reshape them accordingly. So in the end, you should have nails that are about the right height and shaped perfectly. And remember that when you file your nails, you do so gently and avoid dragging them around with the force. Just smoothen the rough edges so that they look perfect, that should do the trick.

Pre-soak those hands for perfect hand manicures

Pre-soak those hands: Now that you have trimmed those nails, and removed that old nail polish, all that’s left for you to do now is to pre-soak those fingers. Just take a large bowl, fill it with warm water and add baby shampoo or some gentle shampoo to the mix. Now, soak your hand in the mixture for a period of 5 minutes or more. This is to soften those cuticles so that they can be manicured easily. You can relax back on a chair, listen to some soothing music, and soak your hands. You can also use this opportunity to clean your nails of all the dirt and grime; scrape your fingernails, remove all the dust, dirt and grime and do not overlook your hands that can damage the cuticles.

02211011 5 CUTICLE CREAM
Cuticle cream for perfect hand manicures

Cuticle cream: Now, gently wipe those fingers and start massaging some of that cuticle cream onto those cuticles. And using a cuticle pusher, gently nudge back those cuticles, and remember not to push too hard. Otherwise, you may end up giving yourself an infection in the process. Once your cuticles are clear, remove the excess cream from your fingers and now, use soft cotton to gently wipe them down.

Use hand moisturizer for perfect hand manicures

Use hand moisturizer: Now, use a thick, rich hand moisturizer, to gently massage your hands. You can even pre-soak your hands in warm water for a period of 30 seconds before applying the hand moisturizer. Just make sure you massage your hands thoroughly with the cream, so that it covers your fingers, nails and all the surrounding area evenly.

02211011 7 PREP YOUR NAILS
Prep your nails for perfect hand manicures

Prep your nails: Now, remember that if you have gotten excess moisturizer on your fingers, the nail polish may not stick. So you need to remove the excess with the help of nail polish remover and some cotton pads. Just soak the cotton pads with some nail polish remover and gently move them around.

02211011 8 APPLY A THIN COAT
Apply a thin coat for perfect hand manicures

Apply a thin coat: The first thing that you need to do is to apply a thin coat. Just apply a thin coat of base nail polish, and wait for it to dry properly. This thin coat would form a base for your nail polish and you need to make sure that the application is uniform and evenly spread over your nails. It is a good idea to use colourless nail polish or white nail polish as the base coat. This can prevent your nails from getting stained right away.

Apply the top coat for perfect hand manicures

Apply the top coat: Once your base coat is dry, you can go ahead and apply the topcoat. You can pick out your favourite nail polish and use the same to paint a thin topcoat onto the base coat. Gently roll the bottle between your hands, and now, paint thin vertical stripes right across your nails. Wait for the last coat to dry before painting in another coat, and make sure that the application is thin, and uniform and does not come with any bumps, or anything else.

Apply finishing touches for perfect hand manicures

Apply finishing touches: Now, that you have applied the topcoat, you can now apply a thin coat of clear nail polish. This acts as the finishing touch and prevents the nail polish from chipping off or flaking off. It helps to bind the nail polish more firmly to the base coat and ensures that your nail polish stays on for longer. Do remember that your nail coat applications must be uniform and thin, otherwise, it is going to mar that look. Just make sure that you choose the right shades of nail polish and that you have trimmed your nails to the right height.

These are some of the tips that you can use to manicure your hands at home. It is not that hard, you should be able to manicure your hands perfectly with ease. Make sure that you use clear nail polish both as the base as well as the binding agent so that your nail polish stays on for longer. With the help of these tips, you should be able to manicure your hands at home, in perfect comfort and achieve that ‘perfect look’ with ease. Remember not to soak your hands for too long in the water since the same can help damage your fingers.

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