When it comes to highlighting cheekbones, you’ll probably find that the perfect look, may still be a dream away. It is not that ordinary people cannot contour their cheekbones properly, it is just that they need to know how to do it right. Just read the rest of the article and follow the tips and suggestions in the same and soon, you should be able to contour your cheekbones like a professional beautician, with ease.

Here’s what you will need: You will require the following, to be able to contour and highlight your cheekbones perfectly.

  • Foundation
  • Brushes Bronzer/contour powder
  • Highlighter
  • Blush

Know where to contour: Often, most people are not sure where or for that matter, how to contour and highlight their cheekbones. And as a result, they often end up with a disaster as far as their makeup goes. But the first thing is that you must know where the hollow spaces are located and the best way to locate the same is to suck in your cheeks. Once you suck in your cheekbones, you can easily locate their cheekbones, and after that, all you need to do is to apply the brush and gently highlight the same. And if you want to know where to start contouring from, all you have to do is to place the brush ideally against your face, and right where your eyebrows end, that’s the ideal position for you to start contouring and highlighting from.

02211028 2 1 ANGLING
Angling to highlight cheekbones

Angling: Now that you have located your cheekbones, all you need to do is to take an angled contour brush and a bronzer that is at least two or three shades darker than your skin tone. Now, take the brush and some bronzer along with it and gently swipe the same across your cheeks. Try to limit the strokes to half the cheekbone rather than all the way through. This should help highlight your cheekbones better.

02211028 2 2 BLUSH
Blush to highlight cheekbones

Blush: Now, take a blush that suits your skin tone, it is important that you use one that is apt for your particular skin tone. Apply the blush, let it blend in with the bronzer so that your make-up does not look blotchy at the least, and additionally, you may also want to put the brush on.

Highlighting cheekbone to highlight cheekbones

Highlighting cheekbone: Now that you have applied the blush, all that is left is for you to highlight your cheekbones. And again, choose the right highlighter, and one that is apt for your skin tone. You may want to go for a highlighter that is cream-based, close to your skin tone and one that you can readily apply with a brush. Now, apply it just above the area that you had contoured. You can also go for shimmer blush in lieu of highlighter as well, which may be advisable for those who lack prominent cheekbones. By doing so, you should be able to stand out for the right reasons.

The above methods should enable you to achieve perfect highlighted cheekbones, with the right amount of bronze, for the shadow effect.  And if for some reason or the other, you feel that you had used too much contour or highlight you can always use powder to lessen the effect.

Points to remember: There are a few things that you need to remember as far as highlighting your cheekbones go.

Light highlighter to highlight cheekbones

Light highlighter: Always use a highlighter that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone. This would help to create the perfect shadow effect on your face, along with the contour. Highlighters come both in powder and cream base; you can opt for either one, but remember that cream-based highlighters tend to dry out faster, so you would need to be equally fast in applying the same to your face.

Highlight natural areas to highlight cheekbones

Highlight natural areas: This is common sense; you would want to contour and highlight the natural hollows in your face and ensure that the makeup does just that. You do not apply your highlight and contour at random, but instead, you assess your face to ensure that you locate the natural hollows of your cheekbones. And once you do, you can then move on to contouring these cheeks and highlighting the same.

Check bone structure to highlight cheekbones

Check bone structure: A good way to use the highlight and contour brushes correctly is to first gauge the bone structure of your face. Once you have a proper idea of where your cheekbones are as well as the other pointed areas of your face, you would get a better idea of how to apply the required makeup and contour the face accordingly.

02211028 3 4 AVOID GLITTER
Avoid glitter to highlight cheekbones

Avoid glitter: It is a good idea to avoid glitter for highlighting your cheekbones. You just need to make sure that you have applied the right foundation, bronzer and blushes. One that is appropriate for your skin tone.

02211028 3 5 TRY NOT TO GO STRONG
Try not to go strong to highlight cheekbones

Try not to go strong: One of the mistakes most people make when trying to highlight their cheekbones as well as apply makeup is that they often tend to go strong. As a result of this, it may appear as if they had overdressed for the occasion. And that is why, when it comes to highlighting and contours, you may want to go for a natural look, one that is a bit understated and does not come off as too strong.

These are some of the tips and suggestions that you may want to review when applying makeup to highlight your face and your cheekbones. Just remember that you may not get it right on your first try and that’s perfectly fine. It will take a few tries before you are able to highlight those cheekbones of yours with ease. All it takes is practice and more practice, and soon, you should be able to look your amazing best each time you step out. If you are still not sure that you are able to highlight your cheekbones on your own, you can always head out to the nearest beauty parlour and get it fixed.

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