When it comes to nail art, it indeed manages to catch your eye right away. The process seems to look quite complicated but in truth, some of the basic nail art designs are easy enough that you can try them out at home, today itself. But before you start out with nail art, make sure that your nails are clean and remove the old nail polish from your nails, before you can start. Here are a few essential tips that should help you get started on your nail art, at home successfully

Petroleum jelly to do nail art

Petroleum jelly: If you are a beginner as far as nail art goes, then chances are high that you are going to make more than a few nail polish mistakes. Nail art can be a bit of a challenge for even professionals so it only makes sense that you may make a few mistakes along the way. That’s why; you may want to rub in some petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the skin around your nails. So that if you end up making a nail polish mistake, you can wipe off the mistake quite easily.

02211016 2 CHIPPING
Chipping to do nail art

Chipping: This is bound to happen with nail art, you are bound to get your nails chipped often. To prevent that from happening, you may want to paint a base coat on the top half of your nails. Allow it to dry, and once it is dried, now paint a second coat over the whole nail. This should ensure that your nail polish stays on for longer and would help prevent your nails from chipping.

02211016 3 WHITE AS THE BASE
White as the base to do nail art

White as the base: Nail art on its own comes with quite a few complicated designs. And that is why it makes sense to use white colour as a base, for the design that you would apply on the nail itself. And there is an additional reason as to why you would want to go with a white base coat; it is to make your colours pop. The problem is that when you use colour nail polish the natural tint and colour of your body could impact how it may appear. You can prevent this by using a white coat as a base, waiting for it to dry and then going ahead with the colour nail polish and design in a new nail art look, that looks great on your finger.

Use sandwich bags to do nail art

Use sandwich bags: Granted that not all of us would find painting, and nail art easy. Chances are that you would find it extremely difficult at the start. But there’s no need to despair for there’s a way around this. All you need is a sandwich bag, paint your nail art design as you would with your nails, onto the bag. Use the same base coat and colours, but make sure that you use a few thick coats. Now, wait for it to dry and when it does, peel off the design and stick it on top of your nails with nail art glue or a topcoat. That’s an easy way to get around painting the nail art onto your nails directly.

02211016 5 USE EYELINER
Use eyeliner to do nail art

Use eyeliner: Sounds weird, right? Whoever heard of using eyeliners for nail art, but then again, that is exactly what you may have to do. You can use eyeliner to help create intricate designs of nail art, but the main purpose that you would need it for is to stick rhinestones on your nail, for that unique and exceptional look.

French manicure to do nail art

French manicure: If you are trying for that French manicure look, then all you need is a rubber band. Take the rubber band, and loop one end over your fingertip and the other over your thumb to create the perfect tension. Using the rubber band as a guide, paint the top edge nail polish, and voila, that’s it.

Create your own colour to do nail art

Create your own colour: There is nothing wrong with creating your own colour, after all, you are trying to look different with nail art. All you need is a container, now add some eye shadow pigment, add clear polish and mix it all up. And now, you got a new nail colour that you can use as part of your nail art design. Remember that nail polishes often dry fast, so you need to be quite quick when customizing your own shade of unique nail polish.

Setting your nail polish to do nail art

Setting your nail polish: Granted that nail polish is designed to dry fast, but if you are impatient and want it to dry even faster, you can try out your hair dryer or try out our tip. All you need is a large bowl filled with ice and water. Once you have finished setting the nail art on your finger, soak it in icy water for a few minutes. This should help the nail polish set in a lot faster than before.

Nonstick cooking spray to do nail art

Nonstick cooking spray: The other way to get your nail polish to dry a lot faster is to use nonstick cooking spray. Once you have got the nail art, all that is left is to use the spray on your hand and it acts as a quick fix and dries your nail polish immediately.

02211016 10 SMUDGED
Smudged to do nail art

Smudged: This is one of the worst things to happen and when it does, it can be downright frustrating and irritating. But try not to adjust the smudge with your fingers as that would leave marks. What you can do is use the edge of your tongue to straighten out the nail polish. Your tongue is soft enough and it won’t leave marks on your nail.

These are some of the tips that you need to check out, especially when it comes to trying to put nail art nail polish at home. Apart from the nail polishes, make a checklist and see if you have everything you need for the nail art session good luck.

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