When it comes to choosing the right concealer and foundation cream for your skin, you will find that locating the right one can be downright difficult. Chances are that you opted to pick up the first one that you came across and thought that should do the trick. Well, if it were only that easy, but the fact of the matter is that your skin tone matters, and it matters a lot. You need to select your concealer and foundation cream, based on your skin tone and not the other way about. And that is the reason why you need to read the rest of the article so that you can choose the perfect concealer and foundation cream.

02211029 1 1 SKIN TONE MATTERS
Skin tone matters for the right concealer

Skin tone matters: The first thing that you need to do is to identify your skin tone. It does not matter if your complexion is fair or dark, but the fact is that all nationalities have varying skin tones which can affect the way you appear. Furthermore, there are various brands in the market when it comes to concealer and foundation creams and knowing your skin tone beforehand can help you sort through the lot so that you choose the right one. Once you identify your right skin tone, you can choose the right shade of concealer and foundation cream. In case you are wondering what the ‘undertone’ is all about, then you need to know that the undertone is the true colour of your skin. The outer layer is often impacted by exposure to various natural elements such as sunshine and even changes in tone and colour, depending on exposure to the same. But the undertone never changes, and that’s one thing that you can count on. When it comes to undertones, everyone, irrespective of their nationalities, has three undertones warm, cool and neutral. So when it comes to picking out a foundation or concealer, you need to choose one that is right for your skin tone.

Identifying the right skin tone for the right concealer

Identifying the right skin tone: Here’s how you go about identifying your skin tone. It’s quite easy, just use the natural light and examine them under the wrists. You should be able to spot the blue veins, now you need to determine if your blue veins tend more towards purple or green. More blue and purple means that your skin tone is cool whereas when the mix is blue and green, you have a warm skin tone. Suppose you feel that it is an equal mixture and cannot tell one way or the other, which means that your skin tone, is neutral. Now, all you have to do is to pick out a concealer and foundation cream that complements your skin tone.  Please remember that using your foundation to lighten your skin colour is not a great idea as far as makeup goes and that when it comes to using foundation creams and concealers, you can only use the same to complement the underlying skin tone.

Applying the foundation cream: Now that you have clearly identified your skin tone, you can go ahead and pick out the right shade of concealer and foundation cream. But before you start applying it to your skin; you may want to check out these tips.

Before applying for the right foundation

Before applying: The first thing that you need to do is wash up, exfoliate and moisturize your skin and ensure that your skin is clean and fresh from dirt and sweat can impair that perfect look.

02211029 2 2 GO YELLOW
Go yellow for the right foundation

Go yellow: If you happen to have a warm skin tone, as most Indians do, then you may want to go for a foundation with a yellow base rather than white or any other shade. The point is that as you use other shades like white, it tends to make your skin appear too pale and whitewashed and at times it does not blend that well with your undertone either. Whereas when you select a yellow-based foundation cream, you are bound to find that the foundation blends perfectly with your skin tone. Of course, it comes down to personal preference as well, but on the whole, yellow should do the trick.

02211029 2 3 CONCEALERS
Concealers for the right foundation

Concealers: When it comes to concealers, you may want to pick out those that are at least two shades lighter than your current skin tone. And try to use a yellow-based concealer you can use the same to effectively cover up black circles under your eyes.  Moreover, it also helps to hide and conceal the dark patches on your skin and helps to even out your makeup.

02211029 2 4 CONTOURING
Contouring for the right foundation

Contouring: Just as you can use concealers to conceal the dark patches of complexion on your skin, you can use the same to contour your cheekbones as well. Just pick out a concealer that is at least a shade darker than your skin tone, and use the same to contour the hollow patches on your face that are around your cheekbones. This should help you to contour your cheekbone effect.

02211029 2 5 POWDER VS LIQUID
Powder versus liquid for the right foundation

Powder versus liquid: The fact is that foundation comes in a variety of brands and products, from mousse and powder to liquid. If you are not sure which one to try out, you can try experimenting with each format and see which works better for you. Just keep in mind that if you are opting to use a powdered foundation, you need to use a complementary concealer. And yes, you need to use the right ones, depending on your skin tone as well as whether your skin is dry or oily.

With these tips, you should be able to choose the right foundation cream and concealer; and if you want to look good, then it is vital that you use the right shades and the right make-up. Just remember to always wash your face, exfoliate and moisturize it regularly as it can help prevent acne and other hazards. It is important that you do your best to keep your face blemish-free, as it can mar your perfect look, thanks to the foundation cream and concealer that you are using at the moment.

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