If you are getting tired of applying all those heavy, artificial creams each night just so that you can have the perfect skin and a great look, then you may want to look at some of the available natural options to improve your looks. Just check out the following natural tips and remedies for improving your appearance that we have collated and listed below. Do check them out.

Get rid of tired & puffy eyes for healthy glowing skin

Get rid of tired & puffy eyes: The first thing that you need to do is to steep black or chamomile tea bags, for a minute or so. Then remove them and place them in a container in your refrigerator to cool them down. Once they are sufficiently chilled, you can take them out and place the tea bags over your eyes. You need to have the tea bags over your eyelids for a period of 5 to 15 minutes, after which your eyes should look awesome without the tired puffiness.

02211013 2 BRIGHT LIPS
Bright lips for healthy glowing skin

Bright lips: If you want to brighten your lips, then you may want to opt for natural and organic ways to make that happen. All you need is some fresh strawberries and some coconut oil to go with it. Now, warm a teaspoon of coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat, heat it for a little while and then remove it. Set it on the counter, now add four frozen strawberries to the mix, mash it and blend it in. You need to ensure that there are no lumps and that the mixture is smooth. Now place the mixture in a container and refrigerate the same until it becomes firm. Now, clean your lips take a little bit of this mixture on your lip gloss brush and gently brush your lips with the mixture. The result would leave you looking great and amazed at the results at the same time.

Natural facelift for healthy glowing skin

Natural facelift: You must have heard of many women going in for expensive facelifts, but there’s no need to put yourself under a scalpel when you can opt for it naturally. All you need to do is a few stretches and yoga poses, which increase the blood circulation to your face. This should enable your face to become suppler with more lift and vitality. All you need to do is to bend forwards, touch your toes and hold that pose for as long as possible.

Soft and aromatic skin for healthy glowing skin

Soft and aromatic skin: If you happen to suffer from dry skin, then you definitely need to try out this tip/ remedy at the earliest. You will need pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil and almond oil. You should be able to purchase the same at the local herbalist – now mix the three together in equal parts and apply to the wrinkles and lines on your face as well as on the dry skin patches on your body and the mixture should help resolve it in no time while making your skin softer and more aromatic.

Change the pillowcase for healthy glowing skin

Change the pillowcase: If you happen to hate your morning face, on account of the several creases and lines, then chances are that it could well be on account of your pillowcase. Just keep in mind that when asleep, you would be resting your head on the same and the coarser it is, the more friction would develop which results in more lines and creases on your face. So always opt for a soft pillowcase.

Hydrate dry skin with coconut water for healthy glowing skin

Hydrate dry skin with coconut water: If you happen to suffer from dry skin, then you need to know that one of the most effective methods to hydrate your skin is by drinking some coconut water in the morning and evening.

02211013 7 WILD SALMON
Wild salmon for healthy glowing skin

Wild salmon: If you happen to reside in tropical areas, you would prefer to avoid your skin being damaged by the sun. And one of the best methods to prevent sun-damaged skin is to eat some wild salmon. Salmon contains Astaxanthin, which happens to be a powerful anti-oxidant that should help prevent any UAV damage to your skin on account of exposure to the sun.

Organic papaya mask for healthy glowing skin

Organic papaya mask: Papaya contains papain, a natural enzyme and using papaya as a face mask should effectively help to remove the dead skin cells from your face, while leaving your skin refreshed. You need to select greener papayas rather than overripe ones since the former comes with larger amounts of papain. Take some of the papaya flesh, blend and mash it with some pineapple, apply to dry skin and leave it for 15 minutes that should do the trick.

02211013 9 SHEA BUTTER
Shea butter for healthy glowing skin

Shea butter: If you happen to reside in a cold zone, and need to keep your lips well hydrated to prevent your lips from cracking up, then you may want to try out shea butter. All you need is some shea butter and coconut oil, now you can mix both together into a paste and apply the same to your lips. This should be quite effective in keeping your lips well hydrated and you would not even have to use chapstick.

02211013 10 RADIANT SKIN
Radiant skin for healthy glowing skin

Radiant skin: One of the best ways of getting radiant skin is to leave the sugar out. Too much sugar in your body can result in more acne, dry skin, wrinkles and other forms of skin damage. You may want to change your sugar for honey as it is more easily absorbed by your body. By cutting the sugar out, your skin should start looking a lot more radiant than before.

These are some of the tips/remedies that you can try out today to keep your skin supple, elastic, and full of vitality. With these tips, your skin should look great, and what’s more, you should be able to effectively deal with some of your current skin blemishes as well. What needs to be pointed out is that you do not need any artificial creams or medical ointments but you can take care of your skin effectively with a few basic organic ingredients.

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